8 Interest result

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€ million






Prior-year figures adjusted.






Interest income





Other interest and similar income





Income from valuation of interest derivatives





Interest expenses





Other interest and similar expenses





Expenses from valuation of interest derivatives





Interest cost included in lease payments





Interest result on other liabilities





Net interest on the net defined benefit liability





Interest result





To enhance comparability, the structure within the financial result has been changed. The presentation of finance costs has been replaced with the interest result. The new structure has led to changes in various items in the financial result. Specifically, the realized expenses from loan receivables and liabilities in foreign currency reported in the finance cost item in previous years have been reclassified to other financial result. In addition, income and expenses from the measurement and realization of interest rate risk, which were previously reported in income and expenses from fair value changes relating to hedging transactions within hedge accounting are now presented in the interest result. The prior-year figures for other financial result have been adjusted accordingly by an amount of €1.6 billion.