Volkswagen AG is undergoing the most far-reaching process of change in the Company’s history. Particularly the loss of trust as a result of the diesel issue clearly showed that, in terms of integrity, Volkswagen must become a role model for a modern, transparent and successful enterprise. This plan is one of the strategic goals of TOGETHER – Strategy 2025.

By setting up the new Board of Management position for Integrity and Legal Affairs on January 1, 2016, we created the organizational framework for a centralized integrity management function. This Group function is responsible for planning, preparing and implementing programs and projects aimed at raising awareness, providing explanation and intensifying a collective awareness of integrity as well as reinforcing a shared culture of integrity in the Company. A continuous exchange of ideas and discussion of issues relating to integrity are key components of the integrity management function.

Behaving with integrity is a prerequisite for commercial success and for a positive future for the Company. Only with lasting, dependable integrity will our Company gain and strengthen the trust of its staff, customers, shareholders, business partners and the general public. Volkswagen will enhance the culture of integrity in the Company, thus creating a collective Group awareness for integrity. To this end, we launched an integrity program in 2016 that addresses all of the Company's employees.