Remuneration Report

The Remuneration Report details the individualized remuneration of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, broken down into components, as well as individualized pension provision disclosures for the members of the Board of Management. In addition, we explain in this chapter the main elements of the new remuneration system for the Board of Management.

Board of Management Remuneration

The full Supervisory Board resolves on the remuneration system and the total remuneration for each individual member of Volkswagen AG’s Board of Management on the basis of the Executive Committee’s recommendations.


Supervisory Board Remuneration

Following its regular review of Supervisory Board remuneration, the Supervisory Board proposed a reorganization of the system of Supervisory Board remuneration to the 2017 Annual General Meeting, which was approved on May 10, 2017 with 99.98% of the votes cast.