Affected vehicles in the USA/Canada

In the USA and Canada three generations of certain vehicles with 2.0 l TDI engines and two generations of certain vehicles with V6 3.0 l TDI engines are affected, which come to a total of approximately 700 thousand vehicles. Due to NOx limits that are considerably stricter than in the EU and the rest of the world, it is a greater technical challenge here to refit the vehicles so that the emission standards defined in the settlement agreements for these vehicles can be achieved.

The EPA and CARB have approved emissions modifications and issued resale approvals for the majority of the affected vehicles with 2.0 l TDI engines. The approved modifications relate to certain Generation 1 and Generation 2 vehicles, and the first part of a two-step modification for Generation 3 vehicles. The second part of this modification has been submitted for approval. We are working in close cooperation with the EPA and CARB to obtain the outstanding approval. We have withdrawn the emissions modification proposal for Generation 2 vehicles with manual transmissions.

The EPA and CARB have approved the modification measures for the Generation 2 vehicles with type V6 3.0 l TDI engines. We have submitted proposals for emissions modifications for Generation 1 vehicles with type V6 3.0 l TDI engines. These proposals are under review by the EPA and CARB.

The relevant US and Canadian companies of the Volkswagen Group have withdrawn the affected new and certified used vehicles from sale until the outstanding approvals are issued. The technical solutions that have been approved by the authorities have already been implemented.